15 Mar 2023

Most Instagrammable Dishes in Darling Harbour

When the food’s this beautiful it’d be rude not to take a photo for the Gram!
Most Instagrammable Dishes in Darling Harbour

There are a few dishes in Darling Harbour destined to end up on your Gram. Technicolour sashimi dons packed with fresh fish, stacks of fluffy soufflé pancakes dripping with creamy sauce and fried chicken dipped in hot-melting cheese.

These special meals are designed to look as good as they taste at some of the best restaurants in Sydney. To help you find them we’ve put together a comprehensive list of Darling Harbour’s most Instagrammable dishes.

Auvers Lychee & Taro French toast

Auvers is an all-day restaurant serving some of Darling Harbour’s most creative dishes. The most colourful item on their menu is the lychee and taro French toast, which bursts with colour thanks to purple taro cream, berries, mango ice cream and delicate lychee pearls

Simulation Senpai Lux Chirashi

Simulation Senpai is a Japanese-concept restaurant serving up some of Sydney’s freshest and most premium sashimi meals. Their lux chirashi is one of Sydney’s most beautiful dishes, covered in pops of orange fish eggs, bright-pink tuna, creamy-white scallops and perfectly-marbled wagyu steak.

Harajuku Gyoza Fluffy Cheesecake

Harajuku is one of the best Asian restaurants in Sydney for lovers of dumplings and beer and they’ve got a mindblowing new item on their menu. Their Japanese air cheesecake is the lightest, fluffiest dessert we’ve ever tried, topped with delicious brown sugar syrup.

Goobne's UFO Fondue

Is there any food more delicious and instagrammable than hot, melted cheese? We’d argue no and go further to say the ultimate insta-meal in Darling Harbour is Goobne’s UFO fondue, which features two flavours of delicious chicken perfect for dipping into a hot, melting pot of cheese.

Planar Lobster Pizza

Thanks to its waterfront location, phenomenal cocktails and delicious food, Planar is an instagram-friendly restaurant. But the biggest insta-flex on their menu has to be the incredible lobster pizza, which features tomato, mozzarella, chilli, garlic and an entire fresh lobster!

Ichoume Kaisen Sashimi Don

Ichoume is an authentic Izakaya and one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney. Their kaisen don is one of the freshest, most delicately presented bowls of food we’ve ever tasted (and photographed), featuring pops of colour from fish eggs, fresh salmon, prawns, lime and wasabi. It’s (almost) too beautiful to eat.

The Brother’s Cafe Soufflé Pancakes

The Brother’s Cafe has an incredible brunch menu full of bangers like prawn omelettes and salmon tartare on toast, but nothing beats their matcha tea soufflé pancakes. These light, fluffy, carby creations are the breakfast of our dreams, slathered in the yummiest, brightest green matcha sauce and finished with mascarpone, strawberry and pearls.

Kürtősh Chimney Cakes

Chimney cakes or Kürtőskalács at Kürtősh are a well-loved street food in Hungary and we can see why. These cylindrical, bready beauties feature a flakey, caramelised outside and a soft, chewy inside (and when you pull both ends apart they stretch out like slinkies).

Nick’s Seafood Platter For Two

If you love seafood, you’ll lose your mind at Nick’s - they serve it freshly caught and cooked to perfection in an airy space right on the water. Splash out and order the gigantic seafood platter for two, which is piled with freshly caught lobster, oysters, prawns, crab, calamari, fresh fish and much more. Perfect for your gram