Eat & Drink

Kürtősh Darling Quarter

12/1-25 Harbour Street
Darling Quarter
Opening Hours

7am - 10.30pm Mon-Thu
7am - 11am Fri
8am - 11pm Sat
8am - 10.30pm Sun

Map, showing Kürtősh Darling Quarter

Kürtősh is famous for its Hungarian chimney cakes - tube-wrapped pastries, crispy on the outside, doughy on the inside and delicious all the way through.

When Kürtősh’s owner opened the bakery, they wanted to recreate the feeling of home - comfortable, cosy, relaxing, unquestionably accepting, and of course, sweet. The result is a bakery that stocks generous, soul-warming treats and snacks made with love - perfect for breakfast in Darling Harbour. And of course Kürtőskalács, or Hungarian chimney cakes, a popular street food from which the bakery gets its name. 
What are Kürtőskalács?

Kürtőskalács, or chimney cakes, aren’t easy to find here in Sydney but in their home nation of Hungary they’re served in street carts everywhere. These tubular pastries are caramelised and crispy on the outside, warm, soft on the side and covered in crushed nuts or sweet toppings. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular!

Kürtősh bakes their chimney cakes inhouse. Stroll by and you might see a chef with a giant rolling pin, effortlessly coiling a thin sheet of dough before baking it to sweet, golden perfection.

Kürtősh: Best bakery in Sydney

Kürtősh is famous for their chimney cakes, but the rest of their menu is just as good. There are slab cakes in several flavours, from rich chocolatey fudge to featherlight cheesecakes. 

If you’re after something naughty for breakfast there are golden, buttery pastries and loaves, best served with a cup of expertly made espresso or hot tea. 

Finding Kürtősh: Darling Harbour bakery

This special little bakery has several locations around Sydney, but our favourite is in Darling Quarter. It’s a quick easy walk from the CBD, minutes from the waterfront and easily accessible by public transport from anywhere in Sydney. 

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