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This website has been developed to assist you to obtain the information you need about Darling Harbour and Place Management NSW. Despite the relatively unregulated nature of the internet, there are nevertheless a few matters which you should bear in mind when visiting our site.

About the Darling Harbour Website

The Darling Harbour Website (“Website”) is provided and maintained by Place Management NSW (“Place Management”, "PMNSW", also “our”, we”).

Terms and conditions of using the Website

You (which means an individual, partnership or any body or person whether incorporated or not) accept and acknowledge this the disclaimer and all terms and conditions set out in these Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) and our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) apply to your use of and access to our Website. You agree to comply with these Terms of Use and any applicable laws and regulations when using or accessing the Website.

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1. Your use of the Website and its content

You may not commercialise, pass off, adapt, print, reproduce, publish or store any services, products or information described on, or provided in our Website whether the content is created by Place Management or a third party (“Content”), unless you have obtained our prior written consent (if we are the owner of the Content) or the written consent of the owner in the copyright in that Content.

2. Exercise Content

When you watch and use our online videos demonstrating exercise and physical activity (“Exercise Content”), you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and do not hold liable PMNSW or its agents, employees, contractors or officers liable for any personal injury, damage, loss that you suffer during or as a result of using and watching Exercise Content. PMNSW excludes, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any loss which arises, or may arise as a result of the use of the Exercise Content.

You should obtain independent health and fitness advice and information about any Exercise Content, including your fitness and ability to participate in the Exercise Content. We do not guarantee or warrant the Exercise Content is suitable, safe or appropriate for your age, any health or medical conditions, experience in undertaking exercise or fitness activities of this nature.

In the event you become unwell during or after exercise, you should seek immediate medical and health assistance from a medical professional and in the event of emergency contact 000.

3. Recommendation

From time to time we will provide information on the Website and in any about recommendations for businesses within the Darling Harbour precinct to help you work out where to eat, what to visit and where to shop (“Recommendations”) which includes the following information about businesses, live and virtual events and activities:

  • Articles and general information;
  • Contact and booking information;
  • Photographs about products and events offered by businesses; and
  • Deals and promotions offered by businesses.

Unless stated on the Website or in these Terms of Use, we do not own, control or operate any businesses referred to in any Recommendation. Those businesses are controlled and operated either by a third party directly, or by an agent on behalf of the owner, operator and controller of the business.

The Website is not a search engine and does not compare quotes or benefits of any particular Recommendation. The Website only discloses limited information about the business, as provided to PMNSW by the business for the purpose of PMNSW providing the Recommendation. You do not place bookings for any businesses on or using the Website. You place bookings for businesses, such as a hotel or restaurant reservation, with the business directly, or through an agent of the business, using the Third Party Link provided.

PMNSW does not guarantee that any availability or price information is correct, up to date, or corresponds to information you can obtain from any other website or the business directly. When you place any booking or order with any business we have provided a Recommendation for, you must agree to any applicable privacy and terms and conditions of use provided in any Third Party Link or other terms as imposed by that business. PMNSW is not responsible for any booking or dispute with any business.

4. Links from external websites

If you click or use links to third party websites appearing at any location on the Website (together a “Third Party Link”), you acknowledge you do so at your own risk, and in using the Third Party Link, this may mean you are leaving the Website and the terms of use, privacy policies and other standards applying to that Third Party Link will apply.

We do not endorse, support, promote, guarantee or verify in any way the views, opinion or judgement of any person, standards, information security protection, content or information about or on Third Party Link.

Inclusion of, or a failure to include a Third Party Link, or any Content should not be interpreted as an endorsement, comment or criticism by NSW Government or Place Management on the provider of or content in any Third Party Link, Content or any other provider.

5. Linking to the Website

You may establish an external direct link (and no other link) to the landing page of the Website at https://www.darlingharbour.com/ from an external website (“Link”), at all times displaying the correct URL in a new window and not in a browser or a frame within your own website. The correct name for the website is “NSW Government”.

You must ensure the Link complies with, and does not breach our Copyright Notice and you must not Link the Arms, symbols and emblems, logos and trademarks of the State of NSW, or imply or provide endorsement of your product, views, services, person or organisation by Place Management.

The Link must not link to a website that contains offensive, distasteful or illegal content. If we direct you to, you must remove a Link immediately.

6. Disclaimer about the Website and Platform

You must exercise care and your own discretion when you use the Website. We do not guarantee, represent or warrant the accuracy, availability, completeness or currency, accessibility, quality or operability of the Website, Content, information about any Recommendation or any Third Party Link. We do not guarantee the Website, or any Third Party Link is secure or free from computer viruses or security risks. You must independently verify and evaluate the accuracy, completeness or currency and security of the content on the Website and any Third Party Link.

Place Management is not responsible to you or anyone else for loss suffered in connection with the use of the Website or any Third Party Link. Place Management excludes, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any loss which arises, or may arise as a result of the use of the Website or any Third Party Link.

You may only use the Website for a lawful purpose. The Website is not intended to constitute legal, professional or business advice and are provided as general information only.

You indemnify us against any loss which arises or may arise as a result of your breach of these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or Copyright Notice.

7. Tolerance and Diversity

Place Management values tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity in NSW and appreciates that some users of the Website or any Third Party Link may consider the Content to be offensive or upsetting. We regret but are not responsible for any offense or upset caused, which is not intentional and welcome you to contact us.

The Website may contain names and images of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who are now deceased.

8. Intellectual Property

Our Copyright Notice applies to your use of and access to the Website.

Place Management reserves the right to all other intellectual property the processes, processes and technologies which form part of this Website and are not explicitly licensed. Place Management doesn’t warrant that any Content in a Third Party Link or Recommendation doesn’t infringe third party intellectual property rights.

9. Cookies and Website and Platform Data

We log, use and disclose data about the Website as described in, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We disclose that data collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy may be used to inform how Place Management can better improve the use and access of the Website and services it delivers.

10. Subscriptions, Registrations and Online Forms

If you have subscribed to the online mailing subscription list available on the Website, or have registered for any online events or submitted any online forms, we will only send you information in relation to that subscription, registration or online form in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

11. Prohibition

When you use or access the Website or Platform you must not:

  • Interfere with access to or the functionality of the Website including any process or transaction undertaken using or through the Website.
  • Store, reproduce or incorporate any information from the Website or Content about any entity, corporation or a person.
  • Store, reproduce or incorporate any information from the Website about any entity, corporation or a person to send it or that person any unsolicited communication.
  • Contravene any law or regulation or these Terms of Use when you use or access the Website.
  • Harvest any Content or data about the Content or the Website.


If you identify any usability or content issues, or you want to contact us with any complaint, concerns or feedback please contact us.

In the event you are upset or offended by any Content you can contact Australian Communications and Media Authority at acma.gov.au.