22 Aug 2023

Let’s Dance

At ‘Dancers’ Alley’, all are welcome to make their move.
Let’s Dance

If you’ve taken a stroll in Darling Harbour at night lately, you may have stumbled upon a surprising, mesmerising sight: dancers showing off their K-pop, breakdance or jazz moves, shining against a backdrop of mirrors under a moving light installation. This is ‘Dancers’ Alley’ – a popular spot where architectural vision meets community rhythm, and dancers share, practice, and film their moves.

You can find it between lush Tumbalong Park and Darling Drive on Moriarty Walk. Depending on the time of day, there may be a lone enthusiastic dancer or a coordinated dozen. The popular site is more than a dance hub, it’s proof of how thoughtful urban design can spark community spirit.

Before the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney was built in 2017, the spot had long been a magnet for dancers, bouncing their moves off the reflective doors of the old Entertainment Centre. When the area was redesigned, architects decided to keep the dance magic alive, setting up stainless steel mirrors and a light installation in the walkway. More were added in 2021 to meet the growing numbers of dancers gravitating to the spot. 

So, next time you’re in Darling Harbour, drop by to find a beat with your name on it or just watch, smile and snap a social. 

Worked up an appetite? Shimmy your way on over to Darling Quarter or Darling Square for tasty food fuel.