12 Jul 2021

6 ways to get active for free in Darling Harbour

Want to get active but don’t fancy the gym or the treadmill? Here are 6 ways to workout for free at Sydney’s favourite harbourside precinct.
6 ways to get active for free in Darling Harbour

Whether you want to get shredded or just get moving, there are so many great ways to exercise for free in Darling Harbour.

From jogging along the waterfront promenade, to throwing tin at the Tumbalong Park outdoor gym - these are the best ways to get fit and active in Darling Harbour.

Run, ride or walk on the promenade

Darling Harbour is in a prime spot with incredible views of one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. And the best part? There’s over a kilometre of promenade along the waterfront that’s perfect if you want to run, ride or walk with a view.

Plus, once you’re done, you would have earnt a treat from one of Darling Harbour’s many world class restaurants, cafes and bars (which are all just a quick ride away).

Dance in front of the International Convention Centre

Next time you’re in Darling Square or out front of the International Convention Centre, keep an eye out - you might just spot an impromptu Kpop dance or live music performance.

Youtubers often use this area to film their dance routines and passers by are encouraged to join in!

Play free table tennis at Darling Quarter

The balls may be small and the bats may be little, but table tennis is a serious sport. Get a good rally going with friends and you’ll work up a sweat and build muscles in your hitting arm in no time.

If you fancy a hit, head to Darling Quarter where you’ll find two permanent tables that you can use any time free of charge!

Get shredded at Tumbalong Park gym

Don’t want to pay for the gym? No worries - just use the free outdoor gym located between Darling Harbour’s Tumbalong Park and the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The gym includes a wide selection of fixed equipment designed for strength training, from pull up bars to sit up benches.

Get flexy with free kids yoga in Darling Quarter

Yoga helps kids connect with their bodies and minds and feel calm. Danielle Connor, a qualified yoga instructor and nanny, has designed her own class for kids aged two to five at Darling Quarter - with parents and caregiver invited to join in on the flexy fun.

Mats are supplied and entry is free - just make sure you register in advance to save your spot!

*Sessions temporarily cancelled due to current Stay at Home Orders but you're welcome to join DeeDee online:

Take a kids yoga class online

Look out for free fitness at darlingharbour.com

Darling Harbour is constantly hosting free fitness classes and events. Keep an eye on darlingharbour.com and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date and reserve your spot for our next event.