04 Apr 2023

Darling Harbour Home Of Ramen Noodles

Slurpy, chewy noodles, a rich broth bursting with umami flavour and delicious toppings. This one’s for all the hopeless ramen-tics out there.
Darling Harbour Home Of Ramen Noodles

Today is International Ramen Day, the perfect time to indulge in Japan’s favourite warming, late night meal - whether you’re into classic umami noodle broths or saucy, spicy bowls of goodness. And luckily for you several of Sydney’s best ramen restaurants are hiding right here in Darling Harbour (if you know where to look). 

Hakatamon Ramen

Hakatamon Ramen serve the real deal, Hakata-style noodles, a style of ramen that originated in the Hakata district of Fukuoka and is served with a rich tonkotsu (pork bone) style broth. Their dishes are prepared as they would be on the streets of Japan, no shortcuts, no substitutes and no gimmicks.

The Hakatamon version of this traditional dish comes with a number of toppings of your choosing, including chashu pork, burnt garlic oil, soft boiled egg and Szechuan chilli oil. We love all noodles, but our favourite dish on their menu has to be their bonito shoyu tonkotsu with spicy chicken miso topping!

IIKO Mazesoba

Mazesoba is a style of ramen that’s taking over Japan, and unlike most ramen it has no broth - instead it features a umami soy sauce, plus delicious oils and toppings. Mazesoba translates literally into ‘mixed noodles’, which describes the way diners are meant to combine these toppings with the chunky, chewy, handmade noodles.

IIKO Mazesoba serve Sydney’s tastiest version of Mazesoba, with several mouth-watering flavours and toppings available. There’s marinated eel, marble scored 8-9+ wagyu steak, pork belly, chicken karaage and spicy tuna. And if you’re feeling adventurous? Ask for the secret dish for a delicious surprise


Ichoume is an izakaya (informal Japanese bar) with charming retro-Japanese decor, a phenomenal sake list and several delicious ramen bowls on their menu. When you visit, take your time and try as many dishes as you can - their scallops with miso butter and matcha cheesecake are both must-trys

But whatever you do, make sure you leave room for ramen! Their seafood ramen noodle is our favourite - it features a complex, umami broth, two fried prawns, chives, a soft boiled egg and a delicious, buttery scallop.