Summer of 20YOU

Summer of 20YOU

Over summer, we hosted two huge holiday events that included dance floors by the water, stunning art, and loads of different ways to play and dine.
01 Jan 2022
31 Jan 2022

We organised our most epic celebration yet, with two holiday events designed to suit every YOU.

That included the YOU that wants to get a little dancy with DJs, dance battles, harbourside dance floors and dance classes throughout the precinct.

The YOU that appreciates beauty with art in every form, from Indigenous works and luminous otherworldly sculptures to giant inflatable artworks on the water.

And the YOU who wanted to play in the sun with a huge selection of fun stuff to do, from an epic Australia Day BBQ, Sydney Festival celebrations, school holiday fun and more outdoor dining and drinking than you could ever want.

Darling Harbour Summer of 20You was part of the NSW Government's The Festival of Place, a year long celebration of our connection to our incredible public spaces - and to each other.

Darling Harbour Summer Flags

After the lockdowns we need unity and togetherness. We need a summer that reawakens us and the land that we respectfully share together. 

Designed by Yaegl woman, mother and artist Frances Belle Parker, these Darling Harbour flags are splashed with bright colours like fireworks adorning the night skies, signalling a celebration and hope for the future. The designs are a reflection about the sense of place. Bright vivid colours along with the layering and mapping of the area (Tumbalong, the original Eora name for Darling Harbour, and the waters that surround it) becomes an acknowledgement of country which allows you to immerse yourself into the location where you can, reflect and enjoy the awakening of the city. This is something we can celebrate and enjoy together.

Find them lining the foreshore in Darling Harbour and share the view with someone special.


It's leaving that's hard!

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