Eat & Drink

One Dining

Inside the Chinese Garden of Friendship
Pier Street, Cnr Harbour Street
Darling Harbour

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Opening Hours

10.30am - 4pm, Mon - Sun

Map, showing One Dining

Savour modern Chinese flavours amidst the tranquility of the Chinese Garden of Friendship at One Dining.

Nestled within the iconic Chinese Garden of Friendship, One Dining reimagines Chinese culinary traditions in a serene garden setting. Casual, yet elegant, it’s destined to become your new favourite spot for a laid-back yum cha lunch or indulgent Chinese High Tea.

One Dining is a celebration of Chinese cultural heritage, blending the rich flavours of its cuisine with the artistry of its wine, the tradition of its tea, and the aesthetics of its surroundings.

With stunning views, a welcoming atmosphere, and a sophisticated canapé menu, One Dining is also a memorable backdrop for your next function or event. Enjoy an evening of fine Chinese dining and Asian-inspired cocktails, surrounded by the garden’s tranquil beauty.