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Betty's Burger Truffle Deluxe

Winter is here! What better way to warm up during this season than with a hearty, enticing NEW limited-time only burger introducing...the Truffle Deluxe!

Betty's Burgers takes a truffle twist to their Betty's Deluxe by adding both premium truffle cheese and truffle mayo to create our limited-time Truffle Deluxe burger! Grab this irresistible truffled-up burger for only $17. They will also be offering Truffle Fries at $6.50, which feature their OG French Fries paired with their delicious truffle mayo dipping sauce.

Rich in flavor and generous in portion, this Truffle Deluxe will surely be a delightful treat this winter! But hurry, it will be available for a limited time only – so don't miss out!

If you’re looking for something that will elevate your dining experience this winter, you’re not going to find anything more delicious than this!

Terms & conditions

Available for a limited time only.

Betty's Burger Truffle Deluxe

Valid Dates

Thursday 22nd June - Sunday 23rd July.

14 Darling Drive
International Convention Centre
Darling Harbour
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