26 May 2022

The 10 best burgers at Darling Harbour

Juicy patties, melty cheese, punchy sauce and buns toasted in butter. These are Darling Harbour’s most immaculate burgers.

What is it that’s so magical about burgers? Perhaps it’s the oozing melted cheese - or maybe it’s the patties themselves, whether crispy fried chicken or juicy smashed beef. It could be the buns, light and fluffy, toasted in butter and slathered in sauce. Or maybe it’s all of the above?

Whatever it is, burgers are officially our favourite food and we reckon Darling Harbour is the best place to find ‘em. To help you eat better, we’ve visited all of Sydney’s best restaurants and sampled their menus, to bring you a definitive list of Darling Harbour’s best burgers.

1. Ume Burger: Vibrant Vivid Buns

Ume Burger have taken well-executed classic burgs and infused them with a generous dose of Japanese flavour. And if you want to up your burger game during Vivid Sydney, check out Ume Burger's limited edition vibrant Vivid bun packed with all your favourite fillings.

2. Braza Churrascaria: The Monstrous

Braza are famous for their traditional Brazilian Churrascaria, where servers slice tender meat fresh from giant skewers. But many don’t know that they also do a phenomenal burger.

You’re going to want to try the Monstrous, Braza Signature Burger - an over the top masterpiece, featuring two flame grilled patties, with bacon, lettuce, melty cheese and chipotle aioli.

3. Hard Rock Café: BBQ bacon cheeseburger

Hard Rock Café is as American as Hulk Hogan eating an apple pie. That’s why it’s no surprise they’re one of Sydney’s best restaurants if you’re looking for a burger dished up  just like the USA intended.

The highlight of their burger menu has to be the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, featuring crispy applewood bacon, crispy shoestring onions and a juicy steak patty.

4. Milky Lane: Big Poppa

Milky Lane has a reputation as one of Sydney’s best burger restaurants, and it’s easy to see why. This place does over the top burgers, bursting with flavour, and crispy fried goodness.

The Big Poppa is our go-to, featuring double smashed patties, smoked beef brisket, maple smoked bacon, a mozzarella pattie and baconnaise. Wash it all down with a Biscoff Martini and you’re golden!

5. Hurricane’s Grill: Smashed beef burger

Hurricane’s Grill is known for its jaw dropping views of Darling Harbour, juicy steaks and super-tender pork ribs. But their smashed burger is also deserving of attention. This little beauty is a classic, featuring crispy smashed beef patties, sweet caramelised onion and of course - melted American cheese.

6. Blackbird Cafe: Pulled Pork Burger

Blackbird Cafe is a Darling Harbour icon, located smack bang in the middle of Cockle Bay Wharf with the best views of the harbour.

Their menu is full of bangers, but for us it’s hard to beat the tender goodness of their pulled pork burger. It features the perfect combination of pork cooked low and slow with coleslaw, smokey BBQ sauce and aioli.

7. Harbour Bar and Kitchen: Halloumi burger

Hear us out - not all burgers need meat patties, and Harbour Bar and Kitchen’s halloumi burger is proof. This vegetarian friendly burg is packed with flavour, featuring grilled halloumi, lettuce, tomato, avo, flavour-packed mushrooms, mustard and mayo.

It’s best eaten on Harbour’s expansive harbourfront terrace, in the sunshine with an ice cold beer in hand.

8. Helm Bar & Bistro: Southern Fried Chicken Burger

We love Helm Bar & Bistro because it delivers simple pleasures. Panoramic harbour views, buzzing atmosphere, ice cold beers and of course - giant burgers served with perfectly salted chippies.

Their fried chicken burger is a classic, with an impossibly crispy chicken breast patty, cheese, lettuce and a spicy sambal mayo.

9. Rashays: Spicy Fried Chicken Burger

Imagine, crunchy, spicy fried chicken, a milk bun toasted to perfection, topped with cheddar, fresh lettuce and sweet chilli mayo.

We’re talking about the Spicy Fried Chicken Burger from Rashays - an absolute winner, for just $19 with seasoned fries.

10. Betty’s Burgers: Betty’s Classic Plant

This now iconic burger joint started in Noosa in 2014 and has since spread all over the country, known for their perfectly executed classic cheeseburgers.

But recently they’ve added something to their menu that’s the same but different - the Betty’s Classic Plant. This little beauty features a plant-based patty and comes with a ‘love at first bite guarantee’ - if you don’t love it you’ll get your money back!