VIVID Sydney
Light, music and ideas

VIVID Sydney

Vivid Sydney will illuminate Darling Harbour for 23 nights of art, light, creativity and exploration.
06 Aug 2021
28 Aug 2021

Vivid Sydney brings light artists, musicians and innovative thinkers together from Sydney and all over the world to bathe our city in a warm glow. It’s a Sydney event you can enjoy in so many ways, whether you’re wandering the city’s streets exploring countless light sculptures, catching a comedy show or concert, or listening to an inspiring speaker.

At a time when we need it more than ever, Vivid Sydney shines a light over Darling Harbour through art and creativity. From the bizarre and unusual to the charming and quaint, the sculptures and creatives behind Vivid give us new ways to connect with each other and our city.

It’s full of surprises and new ways of seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing - a playground of the unexpected and unusual, right here in Darling Harbour.

How to experience Vivid Sydney in Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour will be home to no less than 22 pieces of original light art during Vivid Sydney from artists all over Australia and the world. These pieces will be scattered throughout the area, from Cockle Bay to Tumbalong Park.

The pieces include immersive experiences, large moving sculptures and works that illuminate Darling Harbour like never before. Some explore themes of time and space, religion and our natural environment, while others exist for pure entertainment value and, of course, selfies!

All 22 pieces are located walking distance from one another and you can see them all over a weekend - or choose from our selection of must-see highlights:

  • Ephemeral: 200 giant illuminated spheres floating in Cockle Bay.
  • Mangata: an otherworldly fabric sculpture that mimics moonlight on water.
  • Geysers: Geysers made using recycled bottles with LED lights mimicking water.
  • Incirrata: one for the kids and the selfies! Eight colour-changing octopus tentacles rising up from the ground.
  • Macula: a spiralling tunnel of bamboo combs lit with a kaleidoscope of colour.
  • Eventuation: an arc that shimmers with light in response to nearby sounds.
  • Bauhaus Chess Set: A gigantic chess set decorated in Bauhaus art style.

For a full list of sculptures in Darling Harbour, see below.

Eating and drinking in Darling Harbour

Vivid Sydney is the perfect excuse to visit Darling Harbour for a weekend of art, dining, drinking and exploration.

For beer, gyoza, fried chicken and guaranteed good times, try Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium or, for the best craft beer selection in the city, drop in to Bucket Boys Bar and Bottle Shop in Haymarket.

If you fancy yum-cha and gorgeous garden views, head to The Gardens by Lotus, or book at Momofuku Seiobo for a taste of the Carribean at one of Australia’s leading fine dining restaurants. Try the tastiest, spiciest chicken in Sydney at Belles Hot Chicken, serious donuts at Shortstop or impossibly creamy gelato at Gelato Messina Darling Square.

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Places to stay in Darling Harbour

There are so many comfortable, luxurious places to stay in Darling Harbour, including a few that may have views of Vivid Sydney’s sculptures from their rooms:

Want to check out the rest of your options? Browse places to stay in Darling Harbour here.


Getting to Darling Harbour

Getting to Darling Harbour is easy, whether you’re walking, cycling, driving or catching public transport:

  • There are several parking buildings throughout Darling Harbour if you’re driving.
  • The train from the airport takes just 25 minutes. Get off at the Museum Station and walk less than 10 minutes.
  • Light rail from the CBD leaves every 4 minutes. Get off at the Town Hall stop and walk less than 5 minutes.
  • Cycling from the city takes less than 5 minutes. Take your bike over Pyrmont Bridge to see the ultimate view of Darling Harbour.
  • Walking from the city takes just 10 minutes.

For more help getting to Darling Harbour, check out our guide here.