23 Sep 2020

The definitive list of the most delicious dumplings in Darling Harbour

There are few foods more comforting and delicious than dumplings. Find the best of them with our guide to the most delicious dumplings in Darling Harbour.
The definitive list of the most delicious dumplings in Darling Harbour

Legend has it that dumplings were first created in southern China during the era of Three Kingdoms around 225 AD. Almost 18 centuries later, and they’re eaten worldwide, and found on almost every street in Darling Harbour - if you know where to look.

From delicate steamed prawn dumplings at XOPP to wontons in punchy chilli sauce at Lilong, these are the best dumplings in Darling Harbour.

Nakano Darling

Nakano Darling is a Japanese izakaya, an informal style of bar made for liberal afterwork drinking and snacking. There’s tatami mats and beer crates to sit on and delicious fried gyoza on the menu, which pair perfectly with the crisp Japanese lagers on tap.


XOPP was built on the back of Golden Century’s famous XO sauce pippy dish - a spicy and fresh Cantonese style seafood creation that celeb chef David Chang called “the best meal in the world”. It’s best you try when you visit, but you should also sample a few of their delicious dumplings - the scallop and prawn siu mai is our favourite.

Lilong by Taste of Shanghai

Lilong’s founder Jennifer Du brings authentic flavours from her home in Shanghai and Northern China to the menu at her Darling Square restaurant. There are 14 dim sum options on the menu and you should try them all if you can, but don’t miss the juicy wontons in red chilli sauce. Or if you want to try something really different, we also recommend the sticky rice dumplings which go down a treat with a side of chilli sauce.

The Gardens by Lotus

The Gardens by Lotus is set inside the serene Chinese Gardens of Friendship, transforming every weekend from a teahouse into a bustling yum cha. Look out over the lush gardens and babbling streams while you feast on delicate crystal prawn dumplings.

Chinta Ria Buddha Love

‘Chinta’ means love and ‘Ria’ means happiness, and that’s exactly what you’ll be feeling when you sample Chinta Ria Buddha Love's Malay-Cantonese menu. Just remember Buddha’s watching when you start fighting over the last deep-fried chicken and shrimp wonton.

Nok Nok Thai Eating House

Thai dumplings are a little different to the Chinese versions, infused with the fresh flavours of lemongrass, ginger and coriander. The best place to try them in Sydney is Nok Nok Thai Eating House, an authentic family eatery that serves all the favourites from the region, including a phenomenal red duck curry.

Dopa by Devon

You'd be crazy to not order a side of the pork gyoza while dining at Dopa by Devon. Prior to their opening, Dopa's two chefs travelled to Tokyo to research all the popular late-night street eats so they could create a menu of Japanese comfort food. You'll be delighted with a really tasty, well seasoned dumpling that comes with a beautifully crisp lace on top. Yuuum.

Nippon Kitchen

Dumplings are the original convenience food, made to be eaten quickly on the go. Nippon Kitchen in Harbourside Shopping Centre is the perfect example of that, serving hot steaming gyoza perfect for a quick bite in between shopping sprees.

Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium

The award for the most exciting restaurant name in Australia goes to the Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium. This over the top Japanese izakaya-style joint features a menu of a dozen gyozas, gigantic beer tanks holding inhouse brews, and seating split over two levels. Do yourself a favour and grab a serve of duck gyoza, poached with spicy vinegar and wash it down with a full pint of Japanese pale ale.

Lok Lok Dumpling Bar

Lok Lok Dumpling Bar in Harbourside Shopping Centre specialises in fresh, handmade Chinese style dumplings, noodles and rice dishes. The menu’s short and sweet, but packed with highlights like the delicate and delicious steamed pork dumplings.

Thai Foon

Most people go to Thai Foon for the rich, creamy curries and spicy chilli-laced stir frys. But many don’t know that there are two delicious dumplings options hiding in plain sight on the menu - steamed chicken and prawn dumpling and seafood dumplings served with special sauce. These succulent little beauties are the perfect way to kick off a Thai feast.