08 Oct 2021

Darling Harbour’s most eggs-cellent egg dishes

From healthy, hearty breakfasts, to decadent desserts, the best egg dishes in Darling Harbour are guaranteed to egg-ceed your egg-spectations.
Darling Harbour’s most eggs-cellent egg dishes

What could be more comforting than perfectly cooked eggs? We’re talking French toast  slathered in maple syrup, egg noodles swimming in umami ramen broth, and bacon and egg rolls dripping in yolk. 

To help you get your eggy fix, we’ve eaten our way around Sydney’s best breakfast restaurants to find you Darling Harbour’s most eggs-cellent egg dishes. 

The Eggsmith at Toastiesmith

What do you get when chefs trained at one of the world’s most prestigious cooking schools start a restaurant purely focused on the humble toasty? Well, you get Toastiesmith and queues around the block. They only have 10 on their menu but our favourite is the Eggsmith, featuring buttery toasted brioche, fluffy scrambled eggs, sweetcorn fish roe and chives. 

Auver’s eggs benedict at Auvers Cafe

Auvers is an art space and all-day Sydney Cafe that serves one of Darling Harbour’s most hyped, eggy brunches. The crab omelette is amazing, but we’re going back for the Auver’s eggs benny. This morning masterpiece features smoky pulled pork, runny onsen eggs with perfect yolks and ponzu hollandaise atop a buttery croissant.

Scrambled egg set from Dopa by Devon

Dopa is a shortening of dopamine, AKA the chemical in your brain that produces feelings of pleasure and happiness. This place is so named because their Tokyo-inspired comfort food is cooked with one thing in mind; to make you and your belly happy. We love the delicious simplicity of their Japanese scrambled eggs - they’re perfectly fluffy and carefully salted, then served with miso soup, pickles and salad. 

Nasi Lemak at Chinta Ria

If you haven’t tried Nasi Lemak, get to Sydney’s most authentic Malaysia restaurant, Chinta Ria, and rectify that immediately. This is Malaysia’s national dish, and it’s easy to see why. It features coconut rice, salty fried anchovies, spicy sambal sauce with either chicken curry or beef rendang. And to finish it all off? A delicious fried egg with a runny yolk.  

White Tonkatsu ramen from Hakatamon Ramen

Hakatamon Ramen serves a style of Tonkatsu ramen that was founded in Hakata, a Japanese suburb in the city of Fukouka. It features thin straight noodles and pork swimming in a hearty pork broth. Do yourself a favour and add an egg seasoned with soy sauce to top the dish off.

Spiced eggs on puffed grains from Edition Coffee Roasters

Best coffee in Sydney. Check. Insanely cool Japanese farmhouse interior. Check. Egg dish that’ll blow your mind. Check. Edition Coffee Roasters ticks all the boxes and we can’t stop coming back for their deliciously different spiced eggs on puffed grains dish. It’s got crunch, big flavours and runny egg yolks - what’s not to like?

Dandan mazesoba from IIKO Mazesoba

Mazesoba from IIKO is a delicious brothless ramen dish with thick springy noodles, flavour-packed sauce, and delectable toppings. If you’re not afraid of a bit of spice, try the Dandan mazesoba with spicy pork mince. green onions and shredded nori, all topped with a slow cooked onsen egg.

Fried potato wedges with salted duck egg yolk from XOPP

We’ve saved the best for last because XOPP's fried potato wedges with salted duck egg yolk are life changing. They’re perfectly cut, fried to perfection and coated in a salty, crunchy egg mixture that will light up your taste buds and keep you going back for more. No judgement if you order two bowls for yourself!