12 days of FREE Christmas Yoga at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is hosting 12 Days of Christmas Yoga these holidays. Including free 1 hour and 30 minute yoga sessions and on-the-spot giveaways!

Shred for summer and ward off those end of year worries with 12 days of Christmas Yoga, a free event hosted by Darling Harbour. From the 5th to the 16th of December, Darling Quarter’s resident yoga instructor DeeDee Connor will lead attendants through sessions of strength, mobility and flexibility - everything you need to get your body ready for Christmas.

During the week, two sessions will run, including an 8am hour long session for adults only and a 10am for families and little ones. Come to a session and you’ll get the chance to win one of our awesome 12 days of Christmas Yoga prizes, including:

Each of the 12 sessions will focus on a yoga flow that encapsulates a different holiday theme, with fun xmas variations like Santa Vasana (savasana) and baby’s first xmas (baby pose):

  • Saturday 5 December: Summer Sun Salutation
  • Sunday 6 December: Beachside Surfing Flow
  • Monday 7 December: Wellness during Summertime fun
  • Tuesday 8 December: Christmas Rush Stress Bust
  • Wednesday 9 December: Christmas Warrior Shopping Prep
  • Thursday 10 December: Festive Energy Flow
  • Friday 11 December: Dancer and Prancer
  • Saturday 12 December: Post festivities refresh
  • Sunday 13 December: Christmas Travel Flow
  • Monday 14 December: Christmas Tree Decoration Flow
  • Tuesday 15 December: Christmas Lunch Digest flow
  • Wednesday 16 December: Christmas Morning Magic

Spaces are strictly limited and will go quickly. 




In the interest of providing a COVID safe exercise, the following measures will be in place:
  • Please register for the class online to ensure your spot in the class
  • Walk-ins will be accepted if the activity is not at capacity
  • Maximum capacity is 30 people (including adults and children)
  • If you are unwell, please do not attend the class
  • Participants are required to perform their exercise in the ‘social distancing circles’ marked on the grass
  • Participants of the same household can share one circle if they wish
  • Participants are reminded to maintain physical distancing from people they do not live with
  • Participants are encouraged to wash their hands before and after the class and practice good hygiene
  • Sanitiser will be available on site for use
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats for use, or ones will be available on site.
Wet weather: Should rain be scheduled, please keep an eye out on the Darling Harbour Instagram page for updates on cancellations.
Please also note: Attendees may be filmed participating for the live screen content, however this content will not be saved and it for ‘LIVE’ action only.
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12 days of FREE Christmas Yoga at Darling Harbour

Mon to Fri:
8am (1 hour session) for adults & 10am (30 minute) for families

Sat & Sun:
10am (1 hour session) for adults

Tumbalong Park Stage
Harbour St
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Map, showing 12 days of FREE Christmas Yoga at Darling Harbour