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The Grand Tour of Poland: A Tapestry of Dance

The largest Polish arts festival outside Poland returns to Sydney after 19 years touring. PolArt's headline event is the dance spectacular The Grand Tour of Poland: A Tapestry of Dance at ICC Sydney's Darling Harbour Theatre. Purchase your tickets today.

Thanks to the research of great Polish folk ethnographers in the 19th century, knowledge about dance, music, attire and tradition hase been preserved in perpetuity.

Step back in time to experience village life of yesteryear with this  vibrant, lively tour through various regions of Poland from the  mountains to the sea.

The great Polish ethnographer Oskar Kolberg chronicled song, music,  dance, customs and clothing of Polish rural life in the 19th century,  notating intricate details and differences between each village and  region. Upon his death in 1890 he had collated over 40,000 pages of  work, much of which is still being published. His legacy, and that of  others, has inspired internationally renowned professional folk dance  companies Mazowsze and Śląsk, and ensured that Poland has a uniquely  broad cultural diversity preserved for future generations.

This in turn has inspired ethnic Poles across the world to turn to  folk traditions, music and dance as a means to connect with community,  and to maintain a passionate, emotional link to the ancestral homeland.

In this concert, audiences will journey across diverse regions of  Poland from the mountains to the sea, view authentically  hand-embroidered, colourfully woven tapestries in a riot of movement,  and listen to songs and music from a bygone age – a true ethnographic  experience.

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The Grand Tour of Poland: A Tapestry of Dance



14 Darling Drive
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing The Grand Tour of Poland: A Tapestry of Dance