Synergy Workshop
Synergy Workshop
Past Event

Synergy Workshop

Sat 13 Apr 2024, 10 - 11am

Tumbalong Park,
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing Synergy Workshop

Explore the power of breathwork, vocal improvisation, and body percussion.

It’s time to get moving! Kick off a jam-packed 5-days at Move, Groove, Darling with a Synergy Workshop at Tumbalong Park.

Led by First Nations trio The Illume Girls the Synergy Workshop is the perfect way to keep the kids engaged, active, and moving.

The 1-hour workshop begins with Connecting to Country. Connection to Country is connection to self and identity. Exploring and expressing our stories enhances connectivity, optimism, resilience, and healing.

Through fun and interactive activities, The Illume Girls will take your little ones on an exploration of the power of breathwork, vocal improvisation (singing!), and body percussion (think stomping, clapping, snapping!) to create a unique story together.

The best part is that it's totally free! No registrations required, join turn up and get moving. 

Looking for more ways to get your kids moving these school holidays? Break free of the usual and explore all the ways to have fun right here in Darling Harbour. 

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