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Pete the Sheep

Monkey Baa’s award-winning musical, Pete the Sheep, returns this April!

The kids are guaranteed to love this hilarious adaptation of the classic Aussie picture book.

Monkey Baa’s award winning musical adaptation of Pete The Sheep is back in Darling Harbour for the school holidays! 

Based on the classic Aussie picture book, this adaptation is packed with laughs, funny lyrics and catchy musical numbers created by Monkey Baa’s ingenious founders, Phil Scott and Jonathan Biggins. 

Kids will be singing and dancing along to this story of shearers, dogs and sheep exploring the challenges and rewards of working with the flock while finding your own strength. Featuring four of Monkey Baa’s best performers, Pete the Sheep is a tale that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

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Pete the Sheep

11am & 1pm
Mon - Sat 

Suitable for ages 4+ 
Duration: 45 minutes 


Terrace 3
1-25 Harbour Street
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing Pete the Sheep