Darling Quarter’s Living Christmas Presents
Darling Quarter’s Living Christmas Presents
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Darling Quarter’s Living Christmas Presents


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Civic Connector, Darling Quarter

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Map, showing Darling Quarter’s Living Christmas Presents

Step into a world where Christmas magic meets botanical bliss with Darling Quarter's Living Christmas Presents.

Wrapped in Christmas magic, Darling Quarter will become the home of Living Christmas Presents this festive season as large-scale vertical gardens boxes, dressed in red bows, make their way to the precinct.

Get ready for show-stopping photo moments as these picture perfect flowers create the ultimate backdrop for insta-worthy memories. 

Crafted from vibrant vertical garden boxes, these unique masterpieces are a festive fusion of nature, and holiday cheer. Every blossom radiating harmony and joy, embodying the true spirit of Christmas.

Once the festive season is over the enchanting plants will find a permanent home within the landscaping beds of Darling Quarter so they can continue to breathe festive cheer into the greenspace all year round!

Learn more about the flower varieties and their tie to the festive season below. 

Sedum Yellow

In the quaint town of Evergreen, the Sedum Yellow, an unassuming succulent, bloomed uniquely during Christmas, painting landscapes with its bright, cheerful colour. The towns folk believed this resilient plant symbolised hope and endurance through the harsh weather, turning into a cherished emblem of Christmas celebrations.

Kalanchoe Mix

In the festive season, the vibrant Kalanchoe Mix becomes a symbol of joy and celebration, its myriad of colours reflecting the diversity and unity of Christmas spirit. The plant's resilient blooms endure the harsh weather, symbolising hope and the promise of new beginnings, much like the Christmas season itself.

Green Schefflera

Amid the twinkling lights and festive cheer of Christmas, the green Schefflera plant stands as a symbol of growth and prosperity. With its lush, umbrella-like leaves, it adds a touch of vibrant greenery to holiday decorations, reminiscent of the evergreen spirit of the season.

Kalanchoe Silver

In the homes adorned with holiday cheer, the Kalanchoe Silver graces corners with its silvery foliage, reflecting the shimmering Christmas lights. Its unique appearance makes it a festive favourite, symbolising the magic and wonder of the season.

Euphorbia Milii

As Christmas approaches, the Euphorbia Milii, with its crown of vibrant, star-shaped flowers, earns a special place in homes, symbolising enduring hope and triumphant joy. Known also as the Crown of Thorns, it’s a poignant reminder of the reason for the season, inspiring reflections on sacrifice and redemption.