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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan LEE (Lee Chung-Shan) is one of the most influential and respected music producers, songwriters and singers in the world of mandopop music.

Having written more than 300 pop classics and collaborated with nearly 70 esteemed artists, Lee Chung-Shan’s influence in the music industry spans more than four decades. His songs explore themes of love, loss and introspection and have touched the hearts of generations. In addition to his personal success, he has also cultivated countless pop kings and queens in the Chinese music scene.

Get ready, as Lee Chung-Shan will take you on the fascinating journey of his illustrious career at his “Those Songs Through The Years” concert. He will perform his signature hits, each with its own unique essence and untold story. With complex melodies, heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocal performances, Lee Chung-Shan’s compositions linger long after the music wears off.

Known for his ability to transport listeners into different moments in their lives, Lee Chung-Shan has a timeless quality to his music that resonates with fans of all ages.

Jonathan Lee

Saturday 9 September 2023


14 Darling Drive
Darling Harbour

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