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Adults Only Magic Show

Prepare to be WOW’D out of your comfy red seats in this absolute jam-packed adult only spectacular for Sydney Fringe!

Magic duo Sam and Justin have toured across the world presenting their unique display of hilariously raucous comedy, mind-bending illusions, stunningly dangerous stunts and just a cheeky hint of nudity.

Headed to Sydney for the very first time, Adults Only Magic Show have completely flipped the script on what you would expect from your typical magic show – replacing the top hats and bunny rabbits with naughty comedy and sex appeal – this is magic like you have never seen before!

Come indulge in this rollicking evening of guaranteed entertainment, and join two of the best magicians in the business in a show that will not soon be forgotten. 

Adults Only Magic Show

Thursday 28th September - Sunday 1st October, 9pm


25 Harbour Street, Sydney 2000

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Map, showing Adults Only Magic Show