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Volcano Chicken Burger

Spice up your Lunar New Year at Darling Harbour with Goobne's Volcano Chicken Burger

Spice up your celebrations with a taste of adventure at Goobne Darling Quarter.

Their Volcano Chicken burger isn't just delicious, it's a fiery symbol of prosperity waiting to erupt in your mouth. Hot, crispy chicken meets tangy kimchi slaw, cool lettuce, and Goobne's secret sauce – it's a flavor fiesta that'll leave you dancing (even without the dragon costume).

After conquering this culinary masterpiece, join the vibrant Lunar New Year festivities, catch a mesmerizing jet pack and firework show, or explore the Chinese Garden of Friendship and soak up the joyous atmosphere.

The perfect fuel for a roaring good time, head to Goobne Darling Quarter and let the Year of the Dragon begin with a BANG!

Volcano Chicken Burger

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Shop T8, 1-25 Harbour Street
Darling Quarter
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