Crispy Chicken With Yuzu

Introducing Crispy Chicken with Yuzu!

What came first – the chicken or the egg? At Betty’s, it’s definitely the chicken!

This Easter, Betty’s Burgers is celebrating everything Crispy Chicken with some new additions to their menu. Get ready to set your taste buds alight with their delicious new Crispy Chicken with Yuzu range!

For a very limited time, guests will have the opportunity to experience Betty’s Burgers’ first-to-market Panko Chicken Yuzu burger, offering a burst of citrusy yuzu with a hint of heat to balance, making it a seriously yummy foodie delight.

Complementing their new burger, they will also offer their snack-sized Crispy Chicken Strips with a side of their brand-new Special Yuzu Dipping Sauce, priced at just $9.

The burger will feature breast chicken coated with crispy panko, topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, delicious Betty’s slaw, and dressed with their new hero flavour – Special Yuzu Sauce.

Perfect for solo foodies, snack enthusiasts, or family gatherings, this limited-time creation is a must-try and won’t disappoint.

So, what will you and your bestie pick from Betty’s Crispy Chicken range this Easter? Whether it’s a classic Crispy Chicken, Crispy Chicken Supreme, Bare Crispy Chicken, or if you’re looking to elevate your flavour game by trying out their limited-edition Panko Chicken Yuzu, or just snacking on a side of crispy chicken strips – there’s something for everyone!

Terms & conditions

Available for a limited time only. While stocks last. 

Crispy Chicken With Yuzu

Valid Dates

Available all day from 28th March to 28th April, 2024. 

14 Darling Drive
International Convention Centre
Darling Harbour
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