01 Mar 2024

What's On In March

Get ready for a vibrant March at Darling Harbour! From salsa dancing, to global festivals, and conversations with some of Hollywood's greatest, there's something for everyone.
As the last rays of summer sun fade, Darling Harbour welcomes March with a vibrant line-up of events and activities. Whether you're seeking cultural immersion, a chance to unleash your inner dancer, or simply a fun day out with family and friends, Darling Harbour has something in store for you.

1. Light Up Your Fridays with Latin Nights

Feel the rhythm of Latin America every Friday evening at Latin Nights by the Bay. Learn sizzling salsa steps from professional instructors or simply soak up the lively atmosphere and enjoy the captivating performances. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, this event is a fun and social way to experience the joy of Latin dance.

2. Embark on a Cultural Journey

March at Darling Harbour is a celebration of diversity. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Serbia at the Serbian Festival. Savour delectable Serbian cuisine, witness vibrant folk performances, and experience the warmth of this welcoming culture.

3. An Evening with Bethenny Frankel

Calling all Real Housewives fans and aspiring entrepreneurs! The iconic Bethenny Frankel takes the stage for "In Conversation With Bethenny Frankel". Hear her inspiring insights on building a successful business, navigating the ever-changing world, and empowering yourself to achieve your goals.

4. Unleash Your Inner Dancer at Beat Breakdown

Feeling the need to bust a move? Look no further than Beat Breakdown, this friendly competition invites you to showcase your hip-hop skills and battle it out for the coveted title of "Beat Breakdown Champion." So, gather your crew, practice your best moves, and get ready to show off your talent on the dance floor.

5. Explore the Charm of Ukraine at UkiFest

Expand your cultural horizons at UkiFest, a vibrant celebration of Ukrainian heritage. Discover traditional Ukrainian crafts, enjoy captivating folk music and dance performances, and indulge in a delightful culinary experience.

6. Start Your Day Right with The Run Club

Embrace an active lifestyle and explore the scenic beauty of Darling Harbour with The Run Club. This social running group offers a refreshing way to kickstart your day and connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

7. Celebrate Easter Fun

As the long weekend approaches, there’s adventure aplenty in Darling Harbour. From delicious waterfront restaurants serving up some of the best seafood in the city, to getting up-close and personal with Australia's fury friends, create lasting memories and celebrate the spirit of Easter with your loved ones.

8. Witness K-Pop Royalty at ITZY's World Tour

K-Pop fans, rejoice! The global phenomenon ITZY brings their electrifying "Born To Be" World Tour to Darling Harbour. Witness their powerful performances, dazzling visuals, and undeniable energy as they take the stage.
Whether you're shaking your hips to salsa beats, battling it out on the dance floor, exploring diverse cultures from across the globe, or experience some of the best live acts around, there's an adventure waiting for you around every corner. So, grab your dancing shoes, your curiosity, and your appetite – Darling Harbour is ready to paint your March with unforgettable memories!