25 Aug 2023

Unmissable Fringe Festival

Kiddo giggles by day, grown-up glam by night – dive into the best of the Fringe Festival experience.
Unmissable Fringe Festival

Get ready, party people! The Sydney Fringe Festival will light up Darling Harbour from Friday 15 September through Sunday 1 October. This year's line-up? Let’s just say they’ve truly gone all out. Whether you've got a soft spot for side-splitting kiddo antics or are all about those sassy grown-up soirees, you're in for a treat.

Family Fun

Darling Quarter is about to become the epicentre of all things fun this spring school holiday thanks to Fringe Kids. We've lined up award-winning shows and a truckload of activities to ensure your little champs will be zonked out by bedtime.

Circus - The Show

Whisk your family away to a circus wonderland of whimsy and wonder. Expect aerial dancers defying gravity, jugglers tossing pins like it's no big deal, and slapstick comedy that'll have everyone in splits. A perfect blend of spectacle and humour. Just a heads up, you might leave with ambitions to run away with the circus.

Piccolo Ponies

If you've been hunting for magic, Fairy Erin's found it and guess what? It's a unicorn named Piccolo. This isn't just a show; it's a full-blown musical adventure complete with singing, dancing, and maybe...just maybe...a sprinkle of fairy dust.


If Magnus Danger Magnus doesn't already sound like a superhero, wait till you see him in action. Marrying science and humour, this guy's about to debunk the boring scientist stereotype. Expect spontaneous eruptions, mind-boggling reactions, and more 'oohs' and 'aahs' than a fireworks show.

After Dark

When the stars twinkle and the kiddos are dreaming, Hello Darling – a line-up of dazzling drag delights, circus and cabaret – kicks off. The beats get louder, the lights sparklier, and the Village Green? Let's just say things may get a tad wild.

Music and Mayhem: REBELLION

If you've ever wondered what'd happen if burlesque crashed into punk rock and invited drag and sideshows to the party, well...here it is. It's audacious, it's provocative, and it promises a sensory overload.

Decadence and Debauchery

Elegance meets edgy. Dressed in your best, lose yourself in a burlesque universe where dancers tease and tantalise. With every swish of a feather boa and the sultry notes of jazz, transport yourself to a world of glamour and passion.

Adults Only Magic Show

Forget pulling bunnies out of hats. This show delves deep into illusions that challenge reality. You'll question logic, doubt your eyes, and most certainly, gasp more than once.


Combine the irresistible beats of ABBA with the timeless fun of bingo, and you've got Bingay. Whether you're an ABBA aficionado or just in it for the game, Bingay promises an evening filled with laughter, electrifying dance-offs, and a dash of friendly competition.

The Sydney Fringe Festival at Darling Harbour is far more than an event; it's an experience. Whether you're seeking magic, mystery, or a touch of mayhem, we've got it all lined up. So, mark those dates, gather your crew, and get ready to make memories with friends and family.