08 May 2024

Three Exciting New Reasons to Visit Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour dazzles with a playground, sound shell & tranquil garden!
Three Exciting New Reasons to Visit Darling Harbour
Get ready to rediscover and reimagine your favourite harbourside precinct with the exciting arrival of three brand new public spaces inviting you to play, relax, and experience Darling Harbour in a whole new way!

Darling Harbour Playground

First up, Darling Harbour's Playground has just got even more exciting with a brand new expansion designed for the young - and the young-at-heart! The new space caters to older children and teenagers with its exciting "Bay" zone featuring decks, ramps, and bridges. Feeling adventurous? Head over to the "Wave" area with its high ramps, climbing tower, and a thrilling slide. Parents can relax with ample seating while the little ones unleash their inner explorers.

Tumbalong Park Sound Shell

Get ready for amazing live experiences at the stunning new Sound Shell in Tumbalong Park. This architectural marvel boasts a unique cantilevered roof resembling a beautiful cockle shell – a subtle nod to the area's rich Indigenous history. This state-of-the-art venue boasts top-notch features like digital screens, speakers, and a flexible stage, making it perfect for live concerts, sporting events, and community gatherings.

Meandering Pathway of Tranquillity

Find serenity at the Chinese Garden of Friendship with its captivating new expansion. A beautiful bamboo forest walk and Friendship Bridge now connect the existing Garden to a repurposed area, creating a more accessible and tranquil space. The Meandering Pathway of Tranquillity is a peaceful oasis perfect for a moment of reflection or a stroll with loved ones.
This is just the beginning of Darling Harbour's exciting transformation. With a focus on green spaces and community connection, the precinct is set to become a vibrant hub for all ages. Stay tuned for the upcoming Darling Harbour 2050 Vision, a roadmap for the precinct's future, shaped by the voices of Sydney!