10 May 2024

The Ultimate Big Kids' Playground Adventure

Darling Harbour redefines play with a new playground zone tailored to older children and teenagers, featuring advanced climbing frames and challenge-fuelled fun.
Darling Harbour’s Playground has long been the jewel in Sydney’s crown of family fun - a place where kids’ laughter intertwines with adventure and discovery. Now, we unfurl the latest chapter – a brand-new section to meet the needs of burgeoning adventurers.

While the familiar charms of balance ropes, water play, and the exhilarating 21-metre flying fox remain, the new addition elevates the experience quite literally.

Here, amongst the high rises of fun, climbing walls loom with promise. These are not just structures but canvases for courage, where young climbers find strength in every grip and glory in each ascent. The spider web frames have grown taller, the swings, longer, challenging even the most experienced playground aficionados.

The latest additions include an exciting "Bay" zone featuring decks, ramps, and bridges as well as a new "Wave" area with its high ramps, climbing tower, and a thrilling slide. And beneath it all, a sea of soft-fall rubber stands ready to cushion the leaps and bounds of exuberant adventurers.

Beyond fun, the practicalities for parents are all there too – with plentiful nearby cheap eats, amenities, and water bubblers ensuring that the fun is never curtailed by need.

The playground has grown and evolved with its audience, ready to challenge playtime fun. So, plan a trip soon to the updated Darling Harbour’s Playground, where you can let your children’s play be as boundless as their dreams as they scale new heights.

For the young – and the young at heart – the Playground continues to be a canvas of joy, now with more for every age and stage.