11 Apr 2024

The Best Things To Get The Kids Off The Couch These School Holidays

Don't let boredom win! This school holidays, keep your kids entertained with awesome activities at Darling Harbour.
The Best Things To Get The Kids Off The Couch These School Holidays
Autumn school holidays are here, Sydney! And that means one thing: it's time for epic adventures at Darling Harbour. But before they get sucked into the screen vortex, drag those little couch potatoes out for a movement revolution at Darling Harbour. Get ready to swap screen time for sunshine, sweat, and smiles with these active adventures!

Move, Groove, Darling

The Move, Groove, Darling Festival is a five-day dance party with workshops, yoga, aerobics, and even a K-Pop craze! Guaranteed to get those hearts pumping and smiles beaming.

School (Holiday) Disco

Trade thumbs scrolls for twirls at the School Holiday Disco. Dust off those dancing shoes and unleash their inner disco diva (or dude) under dazzling lights and heart-thumping tunes.

Darling Harbour Playground

Let imaginations (and energy!) run wild at the Darling Harbour Playground. Slides, swings, climbing frames – it's the perfect recipe for a healthy dose of giggles and getting those bodies moving.

Fly High with FlyMotion

Defy gravity and take flight at Flymotion Bungy Trampolining. Soar through the air, experience weightlessness, and feel the pure joy of movement!

Kung Fu Fun

Unleash their inner hero at Kung Fu Fun in Darling Square. Learn basic moves, test their agility, and discover the power and confidence that comes from mastering martial arts.

Parkour Workshops

Transform into a parkour pro at the Parkour School Holiday Workshops. Learn flips, rolls, and how to navigate obstacle courses. It's the coolest way to challenge yourself and get active!

Wiggle Power!

Get ready to sing, dance, and jump with the legendary Wiggles. This high-energy concert is guaranteed to get every kid (and maybe even some parents!) moving and grooving.
So ditch the couch and unleash the fun! Darling Harbour is your ultimate destination for active school holiday adventures.