20 Dec 2023

Grab a scoop of happiness with Darling Harbour’s best gelato

The sweetest escape this Summer.

As summer turns up the heat, what could be more refreshing than a sweet scoop in a cup or cone? Discover gelato so sumptuously creamy it could make an Italian swoon, and unique Asian frozen desserts that offer a twist on the traditional. Dive into our guide to Darling Harbour’s great ice cream parlours, and let these frozen delights send shivers of pure joy down your spine.

Gelato Messina

Nestled in Darling Square, Gelato Messina is not just an ice cream shop; it's a phenomenon. Bold statement? Absolutely, but once you've tasted their creations, you'll understand why. Their secret? A commitment to excellence, from using hazelnuts and dairy from their own Victorian farms to crafting chocolate and dulce de leche from scratch. This isn't just gelato; it's a masterclass in flavour and passion.


At Gelatissimo, located in Darling Quarter, the philosophy is simple: gelato equals happiness. Freshly made daily, their gelato is a blend of the finest ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. It's a promise of a smile with every lick, a celebration of the simple joys in life.

Andersen’s of Denmark

Andersen's of Denmark transcends the ordinary ice cream experience. With dairy from Australia, Belgian chocolate, and Danish flavours, each scoop is an international journey. Their award-winning ice cream, based on traditional Danish recipes, is more than just dessert; it's a heritage served in a cone.

Dopa by Devon

While Dopa by Devon might not be your typical ice cream parlour, its diverse fusion desserts make it well worthy of inclusion. Famous for its Tokyo-inspired donburi and desserts, Dopa offers an exciting twist with desserts like Shibuya French toast with matcha ice cream. This is where East meets West in the most delicious way.

Ready to go on a mouth-watering ice cream adventure? Whether it's the authenticity of Gelato Messina, the freshness of Gelatissimo, the heritage of Andersen's, or the innovation at Dopa by Devon, there's a frozen treat waiting to delight you. So, grab a spoon (or a cone) and cool down this summer with some sweet, creamy wonders at Darling Harbour's best ice cream parlours.