19 Sep 2022

The caffeine trail: Darling Harbour’s best coffees

To make sure you only drink the creme de la caff, we’ve put together a guide to the Sydney cafes and restaurants currently open and pouring the best coffee in Darling Harbour.
The caffeine trail: Darling Harbour’s best coffees

Sydney is home to the best coffee in Australia hands down (in our humble opinion).

If you’re looking for a coffee fix in Darling Harbour, you’ll be spoilt for choice with dozens of cafes and restaurants serving punchy espressos and silky flat whites just right.

Darling Square

Edition Coffee Roasters
Edition Coffee Roasters take their coffee seriously. They roast high-quality beans fresh out back in their Japanese/Scandi inspired cafe in Darling Square and use multiple brewing methods to highlight the unique flavours of each bean. We’ve heard it said that they make the best coffee in Sydney but we’ll leave that to you to decide.
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Auvers Cafe

Local artworks cover the walls and the clicks and hisses of the espresso machine fill the air at Auvers Cafe. This French inspired cafe only serves coffee made from the highest quality blends and single origin beans sourced from the best coffee producing regions of the world.

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Not only does Kurtosh House serve delicious Hungarian pastries, their coffee's are also just as delicious as their treats.

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Shortstop Coffee & Donuts
Shortstop Coffee & Donuts have perfected the ultimate pairing. They serve barista-made coffee made from beans sourced from specialty roasters alongside delicious donuts fried fresh every day - crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside, just like they should be.
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Darling Quarter

St Dreux

St Dreux believes the path to good coffee starts with something that can’t be grown. And that’s a passion and love for the coffee bean. As a specialty coffee roaster & wholesaler, St Dreux honour coffee’s rich history to deliver the perfect coffee moment, and bring you single origin, hand-crafted and well-balanced coffee blends.

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Haven Specialty Coffee

Haven Specialty Coffee’s espresso bar and cafe in Darling Quarter roast all their own beans in small batches. They also tailor each cup to your unique taste by adjusting coffee grind size, brewing time and temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, brewing method and more.

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If you need coffee and a snack in a hurry, Vesta is hard to beat. This Darling Quarter cafe serves brunch and lunch classics, alongside their signature espresso blend.

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Cockle Bay Wharf

Blackbird Cafe
If you’d prefer to take your coffee with panoramic harbour views, the iconic Blackbird Cafe on Cockle Bay Wharf is the perfect place to start your day. Grab a classic bacon and eggs for $12 and a strong flat white and enjoy the views over Darling Harbour.
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Take a short walk down George Street and wander on up to The Rocks to discover some more of the best coffee spots!