28 Apr 2023

Bubble trouble: The best bubble tea in Darling Harbour

Bubble Tea is our happy drink, with a million flavours, delicious foam and of course - delicious chewy bubbles! Ready to discover Sydney’s tastiest teas?
Bubble trouble: The best bubble tea in Darling Harbour

This special tea may be a global phenomenon but 40+ years ago it didn’t even exist. That is until Taiwanese entrepreneur Tu Tsong-He started a tea shop and needed something to set his drinks apart. He visited a wet market and saw fenyuan (tapioca balls) and thought - why not?

Decades later we’re celebrating his delicious invention by bringing you the best bubble tea in Darling Harbour. Enjoy!

Bubble Nini Tea

This is bubble tea, but not as you know it! Bubble Nini serve tea that’s fresher, healthier and more beautiful than your average, with all ingredients made in-house.

They serve 25 flavours, including vibrant purple butterfly pea tea, matcha love made with matcha imported from Japan and classic Taiwanese brown sugar tea. All their teas feature only raw, pure sugar imported all the way from Tainan in Taiwan (a city famous for its sugar industry).

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Chatime isn’t just another tea shop. They produce most of their tea leaves on their own farms in Taiwan, striving to produce better tea leaves and have a positive impact with their business.

The result is delightful tasty tea. Order yours at their Darling Quarter outlet and you can customise every aspect, from sugar and pearl types to the mousse on top.

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Gong Cha

Gong Cha is the act of offering tea to the emperor in ancient China - this tea must be of the finest quality. It’s a fitting name for this tea brand, which is the largest and fastest growing in Asia.

They serve a huge menu of teas, including creative drops, healthy teas, tea smoothies, yoghurt teas and classic brewed tea. It’s all delectable but be sure to try their super tasty matcha red bean!

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Tea Shop Express

Bubble tea can be premium, and Tea Shop Express is proof. They sellrich, milky handmade teas from their swanky shop in Darling Square, including out-there flavours like sesame and oolong, plus all the classics.

Look out for their two-for-one deals to grab a bubble tea bargain!

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Xing Fu Tang

Xing Fu Tang are a Taiwanese tea shop that has built a reputation for their tasty teas. Their brand new Darling Harbour outlet has an open kitchen where you can see bubble tea makers freshly hand making teas to order using fresh, natural ingredients and organic milk. You have to try their signature tea, the brown sugar boba milk, which features creamy milk foam and brown sugar bubbles topped with lightly torched brown sugar, creme brulee style.

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