Haven Speciality Coffee
Eat & Drink

Haven Speciality Coffee

1 Harbour Street
Darling Quarter
Opening Hours

7.30am - 3pm 
Mon - Fri 


Sat & Sun

Map, showing Haven Speciality Coffee

Haven Specialty Coffee serves innovative Asian-inspired dishes and expertly brewed specialty coffee.

A tailored and flavourfull coffee shop, Haven Specilaity Coffee use only the highest quality beans and will adjust every aspect of your coffee to make sure it’s tailored to your tastes. The menu - Australian with an Asian twist - is also carefully crafted. The signature Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger is exactly what it sounds like - five-spiced pork, kimchi, cheese and apple sandwiched in a milk bun. There's also sweet potato falafels; beetroot-cured salmon with saffron-infused cous cous; and baked beans with maple-glazed bacon.