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62 Darling Dr, Haymarket NSW 2000

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Opening Hours
12pm - 8pm, Mon - Wed & Sun
11am - 10pm, Thu - Fri
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Bonlife cake shop provides stunning cakes and desserts with the finest ingredients to suit any occasion, offering a unique touch to your celebrations.

Welcome to Bonlife cake shop where the team of passionate bakers create customised birthday cakes, wedding cakes and Chinese and Western desserts that not only taste heavenly but also look absolutely stunning.

All cakes are handcrafted with the finest ingredients while offering a wide range of flavours and designs that are tailored to suit your preferences. Bonlife believe that every occasion deserves a cake that is as unique and special as the person or event being celebrated.

So, come and indulge in heavenly cakes and desserts, and let the team help you create memories that will last a lifetime.