Guruwin - Sharks of Sydney Harbour!

Plunge into the mysterious underwater world of the sharks of Sydney harbour in Guruwin, an unmissable new family-friendly experience by world-renowned visual theatre makers and puppeteers ERTH Visual and Physical Inc.

Encounter bull sharks, grey nurses and the majestic great white. Come face to face with an array of spectacular sea life that has existed from deep within our prehistoric past to the rich biodiversity that now calls Sydney Harbour home.

Presented as a live poetic documentary, Guruwin’s exquisite puppets will enchant and delight, challenging you to reconsider our own role in protecting these much maligned magnificent creatures

Guruwin is the Gadigal language word for Shark. This new work by Erth Visual &Physical Inc, presented in collaboration with the Australian National Maritime Museum, recognises and reinforces First Nations connections to our waterways and its creatures.

Guruwin - Sharks of Sydney Harbour!

Sat 22 & Sun 23, Sat 29 & Sun 30 Jun,
10.30am - 2:45pm

Wedn 17- Sun 21 Jul,
10.30am - 4pm


2 Murray Street
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing Guruwin - Sharks of Sydney Harbour!