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WILD Neighbours

Rediscover the Aussie icons in your backyard at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo this Summer!

Journey through the zoo and educate yourself on how to keep the animals in and around your backyard (your WILD Neighbours!) safe and happy - learn how to create lizard lounges, frog hotels and possum dreys, and listen into our daily keeper talks for tips and tricks to ensure your WILD Neighbours thrive! 

Along the way, enjoy getting up close to the Aussie Big five! Explore our snappingly-jawesome crocodile billabong zone and come eye-to-tooth with our trio of freshwater crocs! Fall in love with our cheeky wombat star Ringo in our wallaby cliffs zone before trying to find our elusive platypus Jackie in her habitat! Then, hop into kangaroo walkabout to meet our ever-lovable roos, before enjoying a coffee and snack at koala rooftop amongst our most famous residents. 

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo provides the opportunity to educate yourself on your backyard residents that you may have never heard of! Learn about potoroos and pademelons, some of Australia’s smallest macropods and discover our tiniest residents like our plains rats and bird whistling spiders! No matter the creature, there's always something big or small at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo to check out.

Rediscover your WILD Neighbours and the Aussie Big 5 at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and go WILD these summer holidays! 

Also running throughout Summer - our ever-popular Koala Breakfast! Experience Sydney’s most iconic breakfast experience amongst the gum leaves and our fluffiest residents; our koalas! Enjoy a guided highlights tour of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo accompanied by one of our expert keepers, a delicious buffet-style breakfast in the company of koalas, an informative koala keeper talk, as well as a Koala encounter & photo.

WILD Neighbours

All day, 9:30am - 4pm


1-5 Wheat Road
Aquarium Pier
Darling Harbour

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