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Vivid Sydney at Sea Museum 2022

Join the Sea Museum as they celebrate the Soul of Sydney through an exceptional line up of light, music and ideas.

You're invited to experience Vivid Sydney at the Sea Museum and be inspired by the creativity of artists, musicians and thinkers. 

ACROSS THE SEAS: Immigration by sea to Australia 1940 to 1970

Nightly, 27 May – 18 June 

It is said that the Soul of Sydney resides in Sydney harbour. This stunning collage of images shows that for many immigrants, it was a gateway to a new life. This evocative 3D mapped projection takes us back to a time when migration by ship was the most common mode of travel and Sydney was a coveted destination.


OUR PLACE: sharing story, film, dance, and song

18 June 2022, 1pm-7pm

Spend a day with some of Sydney’s most exciting and engaging musicians, performers, artists and cultural leaders. Join us for a vibrant and interactive program of live performances, music, workshops, conversation and film as we consider the voyages we make, what we take with us, and what we leave behind.


MEHREEN FARUQI and OSMAN FARUQI on family, food and identity

18 June 2022, 6pm-7pm

Join us for an inspiring conversation between mother and son as they share their personal stories of family, food, identity and community in modern Australia.

Migrant, engineer, activist, feminist and politician, Dr Mehreen Faruqi is joined on stage by her son, Osman Faruqi, the Culture News Editor for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

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18 June 2022, 4pm - 5pm

From food festivals to celebrity chefs, to sustainable farming to meat pies and banh mi, food underpins and expresses the very essence of our understanding of who we are as Australians. 

How does food define us as a contemporary society and how has it shaped us as a nation?

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GATHERING HONEY: stories of family, ceremony, migration and place

28 May – 19 June 2022, Daily 

See our city through the eyes of Western Sydney’s most exciting artists and filmmakers as they share stories of family, ceremony, migration and place. Presented by Blacktown Arts.

Vivid Sydney at Sea Museum 2022

Fri 27 May - Sat 18 June


2 Murray Street
Darling Harbour

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