Past Event

Vivid Harbourside Sips at Cockle Bay Wharf

Visit Cockle Bay Wharf during Vivid Sydney for an illuminating line up of specially curated humanity inspired cocktails and mocktails from all your favourite venues.
With names like Serenity and Sweet Hope, your beverage selections at Cockle Bay Wharf during Vivid Sydney are sure to inspire you.

Vivid Sydney cocktails at Cockle Bay Wharf are matched with a tasty selection of delicious menus - the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family and experience it all.

In keeping with the Vivid 2024 theme “humanity” and Cockle Bay Wharf’s own art installation As One, our venues' cocktails not only tantalise the taste buds but also symbolise the essence of humanity, whether through empathy, compassion, unity, solidarity, or the celebration of our shared human experience.

Of course - Alcoholic cocktails are only for those 18+.  Drink responsibly!
Vivid Harbourside Sips at Cockle Bay Wharf

Cockle Bay Wharf
201 Sussex St,
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing Vivid Harbourside Sips at Cockle Bay Wharf