Vivid Fire Kitchen
Vivid Fire Kitchen
Past Event

Vivid Fire Kitchen

Fri 24 May - Sat 15 June

6pm - 11pm

The Goods Line
Ultimo, NSW 2000

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Map, showing Vivid Fire Kitchen

Embark on a culinary adventure to experience global fire feasts ignite at this years Vivid Fire Kitchen

Fire up your taste buds at Vivid Sydney Fire Kitchen the hottest new addition to the Vivid Sydney festival in Darling Harbour!

The Goods Line will transform into a fiery haven, where international and local pitmasters showcase their flame-wielding talents. Witness the sizzling magic as they cook the finest NSW produce to perfection, filling the air with the intoxicating aroma of charcoal and spices.

Indulge in a global culinary adventure under the dazzling Vivid Sydney lights. Explore a vibrant smorgasbord of flavours, from sizzling tandoor and sizzling teppanyaki, to succulent First Nations tucker. Each night promises a delicious journey for your senses.

But the fiery fun doesn't stop there! Witness renowned chefs unveil the secrets of open-flame cooking through captivating live demonstrations, and be mesmerized by the mesmerizing dance of fire and food.

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