Sky Castle
Sky Castle
Past Event

Sky Castle


10am - 10pm


Tumbalong Park
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing Sky Castle

The Sky Castle by ENESS is landing in Darling Harbour for the first time – this dreamy, interactive sculpture is alive with sound and colour.

Have you ever walked through a rainbow? Well now’s your chance. Sky Castle is an impressive interactive light sculpture featuring a cluster of inflatable arches in a colourful symphony. 
Walk through the sculpture and your movement will power a melodic xylophone soundscape and stimulate colour changes in every arch. When others join you, the music and lights will intensify, creating a lush soundscape that will be different every night as people come and go.
This mini-city of light and colour is meant to symbolise freedom from isolation and clear skies after hard times – just as rainbows do. 

For more information: @studioeness or 

This free event was part of the Festival of Place, a year long celebration of our connection to our incredible public spaces - and to each other.


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