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'Artist at Work' Live Painting Event at Aiden Darling Harbour

Witness the mesmerising brushstrokes of Archibald artist, Jessica Le Clerc, as she transforms the wall of the ground floor lobby into a spectacular work of art at the newly-opened Aiden Darling Harbour.

This one off live art event is not to be missed. Take a seat in the hotel’s Wayfrare's Bar & Cafe, order a coffee or cocktail and watch award-winning Australian fine artist Jessica Le Clerc paint an entire wall of the Aiden Darling Harbour over four days marking the completion of her collection of works as artist in residence at the new art-curious hotel in Sydney’s Pyrmont.

The painting will capture the essence of Sydney at dusk, inspired by famous 1800s Romantic painter William Turner, and created in Jess’s impressionist realism style using Winsor & Newton oil paints.

In the work, Jess will explore that, just like the great artists of the past, artists telling stories in public spaces still exists in the modern day.

Wielding her brush at Aiden Darling Harbour one last time, Jess will complete her series of incredible artworks adoring the walls of the hotel, including more than 70 vibrant hand-painted murals in guest rooms depicting local flora, and an impressive 25-metre-high hidden artwork bursting with subtropical plants seen from a select few rooms. 

Art enthusiasts can go one step further and stay a night at the hotel, to be fully immersed in the creation of the work over several days while being surrounded by Jess’s other creations throughout their visit.

'Artist at Work' Live Painting Event at Aiden Darling Harbour

9am -7pm Wed - Fri
9am - 3pm Sat


Aiden Darling Harbour
45 Murray Street

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Map, showing 'Artist at Work' Live Painting Event at Aiden Darling Harbour