Maho Magic Bar
Maho Magic Bar
Past Event

Maho Magic Bar


1 hour sessions
From 3.15pm - 9.15pm


Pyrmont Bay Park,
Pirrama Road, Darling Harbour

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The venue is wheelchair accessible
Map, showing Maho Magic Bar

Enjoy a multi-sensory and interactive experience in a glittering Tokyo night setting at Maho Magic Bar!

Australia’s first Japanese magic bar delighted and stunned Sydney Festival audiences in 2023 with a sold-out season and rave reviews. Now with fresh delights, MAHO MAGIC BAR, has returned to Darling Harbour ready to astound afresh.

With fresh tricksters, fresh tricks and even fresher cocktails, MAHO MAGIC BAR jets audiences straight to a neon-lit ‘Tokyo’ night, with all the mischief, mayhem, cocktails and laughter you could wish for.

To enter MAHO MAGIC BAR is to find yourself in an intimate, gorgeously bespoke space in which your every sense will be stimulated. Take a seat, select a drink and be ready to disbelieve your eyes as the very best of Japan’s superstar sleight-of-hand specialists perform exclusive magic shows at your table. Audiences will see these masters at work at point blank range, putting a wild contemporary spin on magic traditions that dates back to Japan’s Edo period.

Leading the troupe will be Spica, who channels the inimitable legend of the onna-oyabun (Yakuza Godmother). Also making his dazzling Sydney debut and hailing from Tokyo’s famed underground magic bar Osmond, is Wambi. Shirayuri, joins the group with his debonair style and unique tricks that will utterly astound; while crowd favourite Kaori Kitazawa will deliver brand new super kawaii illusions, continuing to tear up the rulebook in a profession traditionally ruled by men. Venerated mixologist, Jun Nakamura, rounds out the troupe with flair bartending magic aplenty.

Fuelled by a carefully curated bar menu of premium Japanese cocktails and spirits, Maho Magic Bar is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you just might have to do twice.