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Feel The Music with Diljit Dosanjh

Get up close with Diljit to celebrate the fusion of culture and music as you command the beats blending traditional Punjabi rhythms with contemporary sounds

In a global sensation that’s making everyone’s ‘Mood’ soar, prepare to turn up the volume and groove to the beats of Diljit’s chart toppers. Feel the energy as you step into the Sydney Live zone and share the spotlight with the superstar himself.​

​Experience the pulsating beats as you take control of the music with our DJ booth fully loaded with all your favourite tracks, ready for you to spin, mix and create your own Punjabi party ‘Vibe’ that’ll make your day ‘Unforgettable’.

​ With the power to control the playlist, you can keep the party ‘Poppin’’ with Diljit's iconic tunes and create a ‘Range’ of musical experiences that’ll have you feeling like the ‘G.O.A.T.’ DJ. This is your chance to be one of the ‘Stars’ – You were ‘Born to Shine’ in the spotlight! ​ 

Feel The Music with Diljit Dosanjh

Open 7 days 

10:00AM - 5:00PM (Last entry 4:00PM)


Aquarium Wharf
1-5 Wheat Road
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing Feel The Music with Diljit Dosanjh