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In The Green Room

Enter your Flow State, In the Green Room

Take a deep dive into an illuminated world at Vivid Sydney this year as Cockle Bay Wharf showcases the wonders of nature with ‘In The Green Room’. This fully immersive experience draws inspiration from the exhilarating world of surfing where barrelling through glittering waves can bring on the blissful state of flow.

In The Green Room captures the essence of our connection to nature through the magic of sound and vision with over 500 ocean hued lights woven together with a zen-state playlist to suspend time. Awash with waves of light, sound and with themed dining and drinks, don’t miss this multi-sensory ride.

Surf the “In The Green Room” playlist to experience a full flow state.

Look for the QR code in Town Square (near the Fountain between Adria Bar Restaurant & Nick's Seafood) to download the exclusive playlist and listen via your own device for the full experience. Don’t miss this fusion of light, sound and connection to the natural world!

In The Green Room

All Day


201 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Map, showing In The Green Room