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Chocolate Indulgence at 15cenchi

Celebrate Easter with Chocolate Indulgence at 15cenchi in Darling Square
This Easter, treat yourself and your loved ones to a decadent chocolate experience at 15cenchi! Featuring their classic Japanese basque cheesecake infused with three irresistible chocolate flavours.
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate - a timeless classic for dark chocolate lovers
  • Ganache Mochi "Namachocolate" Chocolate - experience the unique combination of creamy ganache and chewy mochi infused with rich chocolate
  • Mix Berry Milk Chocolate - a delightful twist with sweet milk chocolate and a touch of tart berries.
The best part? All of the Easter cheesecakes are gluten-free! So everyone can enjoy a delicious and festive treat this Easter.

Visit 15cenchi in Darling Square today and savour the taste of Easter indulgence! We recommend placing your orders in advance to avoid missing out.

Chocolate Indulgence at 15cenchi
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Shop T07/1 Little Pier St,
Haymarket NSW 2000

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