Come Together As One during Vivid Sydney
 Come Together As One during Vivid Sydney
Past Event

Come Together As One during Vivid Sydney


Cockle Bay Wharf,
Darling Harbour

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Map, showing  Come Together As One during Vivid Sydney

When we all lean in anything is possible

Journey to a place of unity and belonging at Vivid Sydney with As One at Cockle Bay Wharf

Our embrace is a homage to the vital role of community in our lives. Standing tall at 7m, this As One. showcases five human figures playfully leaning on one another transforming their bodies into a unified sculptural form. As you step inside and gaze upwards, you're greeted by colours, forms, and faces, each representing the diverse beauty of humanity and the joy of coming together.

The larger-than-life human characters create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, offering a sense of support and care. This immersive experience highlights how our connections and shared bonds empower us with strength.

Through this artistic journey, the artists invite introspection on the transformative power of collaboration and the unique contributions each individual brings.

Join Cockle Bay Wharf in celebrating the power of connection. The power of leaning in and leaning on. The power of being human.

Artists: Amigo & Amigo

Direction: Twentieth Letter