Pier Street Underpass

Pier Street
Darling Habour
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Map, showing Pier Street Underpass

Pier Street Underpass has a wide open paved area.

An open paved area is at the Underpass which is located adjacent to the Pumphouse Restaurant and Bar, Steam Mill Lane and the Darling Square development. 

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Appropriate use
  • Artistic installations Temporary art displays Artistic installations Temporary art displays
  • Photography Photography
  • Product sampling Public product displays Product sampling Public product displays
  • Filming Filming
  • Food trucks Food trucks
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare
  • Height restrictions, 4.2 metres in main Tumbalong Boulevard section; 3.8 metres in the middle
    section in front of the Darling Exchange development; 2.6 metres in the eastern section adjacent the public toilets
  • Maintaining access to toilets
  • No power
  • No potable water
  • Surface


  • Toilets

    On location under the Pier Street Overpass (including accessible toilets)

  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access

    Via Tumbalong Boulevard, Goulburn Street, Quay Street, Zollner Circuit, Steam Mill Lane

  • Parking

    Darling Quarter car park and ICC Sydney car park

  • Power

    Some limited outlets

  • Water


In addition to general standards/criteria, the proposed event must:

  • Maintain pedestrian access
  • Maintain emergency vehicle access