Convention Forecourt

14 Darling Drive
Darling Harbour
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Map, showing Convention Forecourt

The forecourt in front of the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney. This is a paved forecourt sitting between the ICC Sydney and Cockle Bay.

Set against the backdrop of Cockle Bay & ICC Sydney, adjacent to the south western promenade of Cockle Bay.
The Woodward Fountain is located in the Forecourt.

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Appropriate use
  • Artistic installations Temporary art displays Artistic installations Temporary art displays
  • Photography Photography
  • Public entertainment e.g. music Public entertainment e.g. music
  • Product sampling Public product displays Product sampling Public product displays
  • Commercial promotions Promotional activity Commercial promotions Promotional activity
  • Activations Activations
  • Performances Performances
  • Filming Filming
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare
  • Public gathering space
  • Passive recreation
  • Maintaining public flow
  • No access to potable water
  • Limited open space due to fountain placement
  • Limited power access
  • Proximity to ICC Sydney entrances
  • Surface


  • Toilets

    Tumbalong Boulevard under the ICC Sydney (including accessible toilets)

  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access

    Via Druitt Street steps and lift, Iron Wharf Place, Bathurst Street pedestrian bridge, and Darling Harbour foreshore promenade

  • Vehicle access
    Vehicle access

    Via Iron Wharf Place

  • Parking

    Darling Quarter carpark, and ICC Sydney car park

  • Power

    2 x pits - One pit on each side of the Woodward Fountain (north and south along the western edge) 
    1 x 32 amp 3 phase and 1 x 15 amp single phase in EACH pit.

    Also, 2x 15 amp single phase and 2x 32 amp 3 phase available a small distance away from western boardwalk (cable management required)

  • Water


  • Maintain emergency vehicle access between Tumbalong Boulevard and Iron Wharf Place
  • Give consideration to potential conflicts of interest with ICC Sydney events
  • Maintain at least 1.5 metre set back off ICC Sydney entrance points.
  • Activities that conflict with events in the ICC Sydney or amenity of the area may not be permitted.