Cockle Bay and Promenades

Cockle Bay
Darling Harbour
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Map, showing Cockle Bay and Promenades

Cockle Bay is the waterway component of the Darling Harbour precinct, bounded by Pyrmont Bridge and the waterfront promenades.

The bay is the core water feature of Darling Harbour with a strong relationship to the waterfront promenade and adjacent facilities e.g. Darling Harbour Marina, Cockle Bay Wharf building and Harbourside Shopping Centre. 

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Appropriate use
  • Photography Photography
  • Activations Activations
  • Live sites Live sites
  • Fireworks and laser shows on event barges Fireworks and laser shows on event barges
  • Video/water screens on barges Video/water screens on barges
  • Water based sports and displays Water based sports and displays
  • Events Events
  • Filming Filming
  • Passive recreation and public seating area
  • Place for performances
  • Charter boat pick up point
  • Casual berthing
  • Major and State Significant events


  • Cumulative impact of temporary uses/events
  • Limited power access
  • Environmental impacts to the harbour
  • Active marina – consideration to vessel movements
  • Access for large vessels may require bridge opening


  • Pedestrian circulation and amenity of the promenade users
  • Risk mitigation strategies in relation to water’s edge
  • Consideration of maintaining tenants’ views of the water and Cockle Bay foreshores
  • Weight loading restrictions on promenades, in particular the timber decking on the
  • southern promenade and at Pier 26
  • Limited power access
  • Restricted vehicle access
  • Surface

    Water, paved promenades and areas of timber decking

  • Toilets

    Under Pyrmont Bridge east and west (including accessible toilets)

  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access

    Via Iron Wharf Place, Bathurst Street pedestrian bridge, Pyrmont Bridge, Druitt Street steps, and Darling Harbour foreshore promenade

    Lift access: Pyrmont Bridge, Druitt Street

  • Vehicle access
    Vehicle access

    Via Wheat Road for eastern promenades, via Zollner Circuit or Iron Cove Place for western or southern promenade 

  • Parking

    Darling Quarter carpark, Harbourside car park (access from Murray Street, Pyrmont) and the ICC Sydney car park

  • Power

    Various power available depending on location and activity

  • Water


In addition to general standards/criteria, the proposed event must:

  • Not obstruct pedestrian access – continuous public access along the Cockle Bay pedestrian waterfront promenade is to be maintained
  • Protect the amenity of Cockle Bay users
  • Consult with Roads and Maritime Service and gain relevant approvals for water-based activity where necessary 
  • Maintain a 4 metre emergency vehicle thoroughfare
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies in relation to water’s edge
  • Consult with PMNSW before any vehicle movements on timber decking areas due to weight loading restrictions.