Activation Case Study: Mov'in Boat Floating Cinema Experience

Mov’in Boat delivered a floating cinema experience like no other in the world. Floating on the waters of Cockle Bay!
Activation Case Study: Mov'in Boat Floating Cinema Experience

Client: BBR Agency for Mov’in Boat (VMO)

Client Objective: Drive awareness via PR and social channels to convert to ticket sales during the four month campaign period. The event was positioned as a premium and unique movie watching experience and targeted at a younger, affluent demographic (25-35 yo).

Venue Hire: Cockle Bay 

Rationale for Location: Mov’in Boat required a unique land and water location that was easily accessible to customers and large enough to accommodate its four different experiences. This included a spectacular 1,000 sqm floating platform, 40 row boats available for hire, 75 summer lounge beds and two floating bar experiences. On the shore, the client required a space large enough to accommodate a 15-metre screen and 30 surround speakers to create the show.

Outcomes: Welcoming 20,000 customers over four months with 68 movie nights, Mov’in Boat was a successful Australian first summer cinema experience - driving record PR and organic social media. It was one of the first COVID safe significant events brought in Sydney post pandemic lockdown.

The location was key to the success of the campaign, results included:

  • 68 x movie nights
  • 400 x Floating Bed Customers
  • 8,600 customers in rowboats
  • Sold out VIP all season long
  • 1,027 BYO Boat customers
  • Integrated social media influencer campaign with a total reach of 4.5 million