Blue Works Vintage Clothing Store

Shop 10/19 Little Hay St

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Opening Hours

12 noon - 6pm 
Mon - Sat

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Blue Works is Sydney's best in vintage men's fashion.

Darling Harbour is proud to be home to Blue Works Vintage, Sydney's premier destination for discerning gentlemen seeking the very best in vintage fashion.

Step into a treasure trove of meticulously curated pieces, where the spirit of American and Japanese clothing heritage comes alive.

Blue Works boasts an impressive selection of premium denim, perfect for building the foundation of your casual look. Whether you crave the timeless appeal of straight-leg cuts or the contemporary edge of skinny jeans, you're guaranteed to find the perfect pair.

But Blue Works goes beyond denim. Discover unique workwear pieces that whisper of bygone eras. From classic chore jackets to rugged overalls, these garments exude a timeless charm that elevates any outfit.

Blue Works isn't just about clothes – it's about an experience. Steve and his dedicated team are passionate about vintage fashion and possess an uncanny knack for unearthing hidden gems. They're more than happy to assist you in navigating the collection, offering expert advice and helping you curate a look that reflects your individual style.

So, are you ready to rewrite your fashion story? Head down to Blue Works Vintage at Darling Harbour and embark on a sartorial adventure. You'll leave feeling confident, stylish, and undeniably vintage-cool.