The Emperor's Quest
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The Emperor's Quest

Pier Street
Cnr Harbour Street
Darling Harbour

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Opening Hours

10am - 5pm daily
Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day

Map, showing The Emperor's Quest

Can you find the 12 animals of the Chinese lunar calendar that are hidden in the Garden?

The 12 animals of the Chinese lunar calendar are hidden in the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Each one has its own character and a whole treasure chest of legends—and one of the animals is you.

A new adventure for the whole family, The Emperor’s Quest will take you on a fascinating journey into the ancient world of the Chinese zodiac, known as ‘Sheng Xiao’ or ‘birth sign’.

Use your special Emperor’s Quest map and viewfinder to follow the winding pathways of the Chinese Garden and seek out all the hidden legends.

DISCOVER each animal sculpture using the clues…
EXPLORE the sculpture to learn about the zodiac and the secrets of the Chinese Garden…
REVEAL your animal and find out which one your brother, sister, parents and friends are…
FIND all 12 sculptures and you’ve successfully completed the quest!

The quest is available to play during normal garden opening hours, is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years and is free with garden entry. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Ages: 5-12 years
Cost: Included with garden entry - view admission prices


Get ready for twice as much fun with The Emperor’s Quest app. 

Used together with the map, you’ll uncover fun clues and history of the 12 animals in the Chinese lunar calendar, all hidden in the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Explore the sculpture trail to see where each animal is hidden. Spin the wheel to take a quiz, get a fun intro to all the animals, learn about an animal legend or transform yourself into an animal you identify with most. Then take a photo to share with friends and family.

The adventure isn’t over yet!

Once you’ve found all 12 sculptures, the app will reveal a secret surprise. So make sure you complete the quest to discover what it is.

Available to download from the App Store and Google Play.